The pleasure of playing a war game is in being able to kill your opponents and to survive all their attempts at killing you. One of the best selling gaming consoles, if not the one, today is the Xbox 360. And the controller is one of the most compact and, the truth be told, hard to master. But, mastered it is. And when that is done, hard core gamers go for an even better challenge, empowering their games with more powerful features. That is where the modded Xbox 360 controller comes into play.

If you find yourself asking what exactly is meant by a rapid fire modded Xbox 360 controller it is a ‘modded’ (short for ‘modified’) Xbox 360 controller. How is it modded? Well, going back to our war games, the person that wins the game is usually the guy with the fastest gun. No matter how big your gun, even real life proves it so, if you are not fast enough it’s – ‘Ya snooze, ya lose!’

So, gamers came up with the modded Xbox 360 controller which was an ace up their sleeves. The controllers are modified to do almost anything faster than the opponent. Additional buttons function as ‘gearshifts’ for various paces of firing. With this little gizmo even single-shot and semi-automatic weapons (revolvers, shotguns, pistols etc.) are transformed into rapid fire spewing monstrosities! They turn into automatic weapons! And even more, normal weapons that are three-burst weapons (usually rifles) can be turned into fully automatic weapons!

Of course the rapid fire modded Xbox 360 controller isn’t just about firing shots quickly. It also helps in aiming by avoiding ‘jittering’. This is when there is a gap between bursts in which time the gun or rifle being fired tends to jump up and come back down. With the rapid fire mode it is easier to aim the weapon since it will be rising in a smoother motion.

And finally, there is the matter of loading. That’s right a rapid fire modded Xbox 360 controller can also allow for very quick loading of ammunition. The faster the clips are jammed into the rifles the faster the work can be done!

All in all, if you are a hard core gamer and enjoy your Xbox 360 life, then make sure you check out the rapid fire modded Xbox 360 controller experts online. One that comes to mind: Viking 360!

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I figured out that many people be wondering whether starcraft2 will be able to carry the torch to starcraft1 for competitive gaming. I do not think that any one of you should worry about that though because blizzard has done a very nice job of sticking to the roots while updating stracraft2 enough to feel fresh. As you I have played the starcraft2 beta version, the beginning of starcraft2 is a lot quicker than starcraft1.
Now you can start with six workers instead of four. Minerals and gas remain the same. Building order may vary depending on what you are doing such as a lot of the units have changed as well. You will need to take some time to get to know the new buildings. Scouting is still a very important aspect of the game. Because you will always need to know exactly what you opponent is doing, so you can counter him and not be cut off guard.
Right now, macro is a very important of the game. Blizzard did a few new things to help you macro better like multiple building selections. Macro can easily get out of hand for someone who has been practicing much. Some of the new units in starcraft2 are the reapers. Reapers are basically more powerful vouchers with increase maneuverability. You can make them from you barracks but you have to get the add ons first. Reapers are very good fighters.They decimate buildings and probes, but they are not good unit to unit fighters because they die very quickely. Micro will be needed to keep weak units to be alive.
As I ama abig gamer os starcraft1 and now starcraft2, i would honestly tell you that this game is excellent. Once you are into the game, you do not want to stop it. the scenery, the action, the graphics and all of its features make you fee you are in it.

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This review of starcraft 2 is those who are new and old and want to find out how the game is going to be. For more information on the new features, secrets and guides of starcraft 2, please visit this site at

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Ten Ton Hammer offers us a selection of screenshots Star Trek Online to the recently concluded exhibition Comic Con 2009. All included in her pictures are below.

The final frontier just became a busier place!

At NY Comic-Con 2009 Cryptic delivered a few new Star Trek Online concept pieces to help show how the universe has changed in the thirty fictional years since last we boldly went where no gamer has gone before. Along with the updated Starfleet and Klingon Alliance uniforms seen in the Races Video, these screens show that ship models have also been slightly stylized from the models we “re more familiar with. That, and space seems a little busier than what Jean Luc saw out of a viewport while sipping tea earl grey hot!

Star Trek Online During his stay in the instance the game can be put on pause has published a preview of the first part of Star Trek Online, written on the basis of 20 hours in a closed beta project. Out of the curious facts in the text are the following:

- Land of the game leaves the impression of the least elaborated

- The ground battles are no avtoataki and, according to the browser, it is not enough

- During the stay in the instance the game can be put on pause duration of 45 seconds or less

- The player is given 200 points on the distribution between 4 ship systems. The maximum on the system can allocate 100 points, equivalent to 100% power

“>Star Trek gold contest for user names of the ships
Employees of Cryptic Studios announced the results of the competition for the best user name ships. The winners are name Emissary (type Cruiser), Dervish (type Escort) and Destiny (type of Science Vessel). Images of the top (within the representatives of its type), ships can be seen below.

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First believe in yourself, then others will believe you.“>star trek gold

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The new Xbox 360 Slim is immense compared to the PS3 and the Wii, and if your asking why, then read on and I will tell you. Its got a lot of new features then the old Xbox 360, for instance, it has a new sleek design, built in WiFi, a whisper quiet system and the big boom here, the Kinect add on. There’s sure to be some talk about this new system and its upgraded features, for now let me inform you on everything about the new Xbox 360.

For those of you who don’t know what comes with Xbox 360, let me tell you. It has Xbox live which lets you connect with friends and people around the world to play with and contact each other. It also allows you to access the game marketplace where you can find new games to download, the music marketplace where you can access Zune and, the video market place which lets you watch videos from the following places: Zune which allows you to watch, rent and buy HD videos, Netflix when downloaded gives you movies to watch instantly and ESPN where you can get over 3,500 events. Plus you are able to create your own avatar which is shown to you and your friends on the Xbox Dashboard and you can customize him/her up from head to toe with clothes and accessories.

A new glossy black sleek design for the Xbox 360 Slim is the makeover that has been done to the old clunky Xbox 360. The new Xbox 360 slim is 17 percent smaller than the old Xbox 360 and is now touch-sensitive to the power and disk tray, plus there are now 5 USB ports, 2 in the front and 3 in the back.

The built-in WiFi allows you to access the internet wirelessly and lets you instantly get HD videos, music, movies and more.

One good fan instead of those two none consistent fans makes the new Xbox 360 slim quieter, smoother running and no chance of getting the red ring of death. The system will now shut down in the case of overheating.

Another good upgrade that the Xbox 360 Slim has is the Kinect add-on. Kinect allows you to play games without a controller and you pretty much are the game. You can control the games and movies with you talking into it or waving your hand and you pretty much interact with it like your in the whole set up.

For all of you who like gaming as much as I do I suggest this product. So if your ready for it, to get the new Xbox 360 Slim click one of the following links. Get a Xbox 360 Slim 4GB! and Get a Xbox 360 Slim 250GB!

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Game Copy Wizard is a better and easier way for you to completely backup any Video Games. Completely unlike anything our competitors are offering, it allows you to make quality backups of your games using a CD or DVD burner.
Have you ever been bothered that you cannot copy or backup video games? You are in the right place! From now on you can copy your original discs and play the backups you have made with Game Copy wizard.

What Game Copy Wizard™ can do for you?

Backup games from the consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, PC, Dreamcast.Works even for PC games

Also you will be able to backup your Video or Music DVDs, containing your favourite Movie,Music or Series.

Finally you will also be able to create Video DVDs, from the media files you have. All popular video files are supported from Divx, xvid to mp4.

The GameCopyWizard is so advanced that it gets through the latest unbreakable protection easily and lets you Burn these games to any regular blank CD or DVD.

With GameCopyWizard™, you can copy any Favourite Video Game in your system easier and faster. Usually Video Games can not often completely can be completely copied because of the in built protection.Unlike our competitors backup system, GameCopyWizard™ can not only get through the latest so called unbreakable protection applications, but also burns them to a Writeable media. This helps you play your favourite games years after your original DVD is lost,scratched or missed, giving you complete control.
Yes, it is so cool and completely copies my favourite games in my computer. In a word, GCW is a Powerful Game Backup Package.
Mark —– DC, US.

I really wanna say “Thank you”, coz with GameCopy Wizard,I copied all my favourite DVD’s in my computer, and now it runs so smoothly. Don’t worry about the DVD scratches anymore!
Smith —-L.D, UK.
I have many DVD’s from a long time and I try to burn them with regular Program, however it doesn’t work for me until I bought GameCopyWizard.Now I have like 23 of them done.
David —-NY, US.
I won’t worry about “Wierd Disc Errors” anymore. I have copied all my Old CD’s into new ones using GameCopyWizard. Good job!
Kate —-CA, US.
I had these old game CD’s. With GameCopyWizard I had put games from 13 cds into 1 DVD. Awesome this is…
Harris —-AU.
Download Now:

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Once ps3 yellow light of death afflicts anyones gaming device, he ought to be desperate for a quick and convenient fix. To resume the consoles perfect working, you may look into a few options available for its repair.

For getting a quick and easy fix for the ps3 yellow light of death, one must look into the factors responsible for it. ps3 yellow light of death, in most cases results when the console gets heated. This makes the soldering crack, loosening the contact between this and motherboard.

Letting the console have a ventilated environment is the key to keep it cool. It is possible if you place it where the fan is not blocked. PS3 may easily be affected if the user plays marathon games, which is bound to get it overheated.

Getting your PS3 refurbished at the Sony repair center is the best method of fixing yellow light of death, if you are under warranty. For getting the PS3 fixed from the company, your expense would amount to a bill of $150, in case you have out-lived the warranty.

Many a times, yellow light of death is caused by loosening of the hard drive. Therefore, reseating it would show improvement.

Since loose connection is a possible reason, press down at the CPU to ensure it fixes well. Heating up the components may cause them to expand, which in turn disconnects the CPU.

Once you realize that these instructions are not helping you in the yellow light of death fix, get guidance from a repair manual. It wont take you longer than an hour to get the problem fixed, using a repair guide.

Save the time and money Sony demands for getting the yellow light of death removed from your PS3, come to us for prompt results on our website. Fix it yourself pronto-get back to your game!

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If you don’t want to give $150 to Sony service center or wait for 4-6 weeks to fix your PS3 up. Here is your step by step professional PS3 Yellow Light Fix guide. Read for more…

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The famed Zygor guide on WoW leveling is one of, if not the quickest guide to leveling on World of Warcraft and gets you from level 1 – 85 in a very immediate fashion.

As many people know, World of Warcraft is a very popular game but can consume hours of peoples time. This Guide helps that if you are looking to quickly get to level 85 to start your PvP onslaught. Possibly your guild is forcing you get hit lvl 85 in so many days or you out of the guild You just want the fastest possible way to get to the level you need.

There is one main divergence to this guide that separates it from the rest. This guide is not a separate doc or website, it is completely in game. This means there is no alt-tabbing to swap between WoW and the guide. This sits right in the game to allow you to read up whilst playing. This alone make it a much faster leveling guide.

Within the guide itself there are 2 separate screen modes, one mode has a big on screen display that shows all of your quests and the steps to get them complete as responsively as doable. This mode is good because it has all the statistics and info available right there in front of you but it can get in the way and interfere with the actual game. The second screen mode is much, much littler and only shows the steps needed for your existing quests. As this stays out of the way of the main game playing this is a much better screen mode to use. From there you can switch between modes as you see fit.

With it being a guide for both Alliance and Horde, this allows the guide to be used by any race, any class and up to level 85.

Because it is in game, this allows the guide to go into great detail for all the classes in WoW. This fundamentally means that depending on which class you choose, the guide will customise itself so that you are using the suitable techniques to level up for that class. There is a beginning guide for each race. This allows for all the races and classes to have their own unique strategies.

Once you have selected the class you are going to use. Or yet if you have a character that you having been playing for a while now. Zygors Guide will guide you through every quest, every monster to kill, every item to collect and how many of each there are.

Likely the best feature available in Zygors Guide is the waypoints. If you have played WoW without the Zygor Guide. You will likely agree that the waypoints on it aren’t anything to scream about. They work but you will discover yourself continually switching between the game screen and the map to make sure you are bearing the right direction, The Zygor Guide gets around this by refining the waypoint system so that an arrow is always pointing directly at the target location. Tiny additions like these all add up to leveling up as fast as achievable.

With all customisable options available, players can alter the opaqueness of the windows, increase and decrease the size of the guides, icons and waypoints. It can be totally tailor-made to how they want it to appear and feel.

To sum up, the Zygore World of Warcraft Guide has been well thought out and created to be as bother free for the user as achievable. It has given the term “Power Levelling” a altogether new meaning. You just need to try it yourself to find out.

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This guide was written by the owner of Stuck on WoW Guides

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The best way to safeguard yourself and the lives of the members of your family is to conduct a background check on anyone you deal with everyday whether at home, office, or anywhere else. You should not feel reluctant or getting intimidated of doing so; the security of your family must be on top of your priorities. The most effective method to realize this is to perform a Free Criminal Records. The people have the legal right to do so as these official reports are under the public domain.

It is much better to check if someone had a criminal history in order to shield your loved ones from the unlikeable things to happen. Therefore, it is necessary that when you don’t seem to trust someone, you should immediately perform a criminal records search as some sort of a preventive measure. This kind of decision would definitely save the lives of the members of your family and the general public. Such legal files can be obtained at the offices concerned or at some online databases over the Internet.

Offline retrieval of these public files would mean making a formal request at the local, county, state or any government enforcing agencies. While online searching means utilizing the Internet to quickly research on the legal files of the people. It’s actually all up to you whether you go through the physical files at the designated offices or just make some few clicks on your computer to conduct the criminal records check. What’s more significant is that there are viable options available for you in the effort of checking the past of someone.

The designated law-enforcing agencies of the government usually have some criteria being observed in the process of obtaining the public files. The people assigned in the keeping of such reports normally require anyone to state their acceptable reasons prior to giving them the go signal to acquire such documents. Those agencies that have websites also set rules and regulations as their basis in determining whether or not to allow someone to get hold of the official reports.

The alternative process to obtain these public criminal records is to avail from the online commercial service providers. The search results brought about by these providers are professionally researched to supply every important detail to anyone interested. If you are too busy with your job and find no time to conduct the search yourself, the suitable option for you is to hire some private companies to gather relevant data about someone. All you have to do is pay and wait for the search results.

The fee-based version being used for the criminal records search is the most efficient way to gather substantial pieces of information regarding the legitimate files. It’s actually your choice as to which retrieval option you pick. The most important thing is that you exercise your right for the general welfare of your family and the whole public. The online searching of vital public reports is a must in order to immediately stop or prevent any untoward incidents to transpire.

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After you have installed World of Warcraft and created your human character (preferably human/allience) you’ll be at level 1. Assuming that you play a human character on Allience side, North Shire Glade will be your starting point. Start your game with getting to know the area you’re in. There are some quests that can be picked from NPC’s on wolf grinding. You will see big number of wolves in the area around your. Kill the wolves and keep at it until you finish the quest. You can keep killing them until you notice you’re at level three. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Once you’ve reached level three, it’s a good time to repair any damaged items and equip your self with some new armor, which can be bought from vendors next to the Church building. That’ll help you on further in the game. Repearing your items is very important. If you have damaged items on you, which you eventually will while completing quests, you get penalized with your character’s stats. When your attack and defence stats are low, it is much harder to grind and is much easier for other mobs to kill you. You’re now ready to go on your first actual quest. Pick up A Threat Within quests and then do the follow-up quest called “Kobold Camp Cleanup”. These simple starter quests will get you to understand WoW questing system. Doing quests is very important, as it gives you several benefits. Mainly you can get some XP, which is the most important part of the leveling process. You notice that to reach the next level you must gather experience points. Money in form of gold, silver and coper is another handy bonus you get from quest completion. Money will help you pay repair costs and buy new items to help you in combat. Some more quests will be ready for you once you get these done.

You’re ready now to level further. Getting to level four will be easy by killing some more wolves right until you have 8 Wolf Meats in your backpack. You can also grind Kobold’s Vermins to get to level four. After some heavy mob grinding all your items become damaged. Repair them proptly and don’t forget to do so. It’ll slow your leveling otherwise. Turn in all finished quests after you get there and pick new quests. Often it’s a pity to turn in the quest and have some XP points left untill the next level. To quickly level up to five, grind the Kobold Workers in the area. Never miss looting items from killed mobs. Those items can be sold to a vendor for a small amount, but in return those money will help you repair your character’s items.

The next seven quest you’ll get will jump you to the 7th level upon completion. This is not hard at all, isn’t it. Note that while playing Worl of Warcraft, it will eventually become harder and harder to achieve next level, as it’ll require more experience points with each level. Completing these quests won’t take much of your time at all and be very easy to accomplish. It’s a good idea to grind whenever you can to help you move up even faster. It is easy, because every time you take on the next quest, you’ll have to run to some area. Don’t skip up the grining while going for your next quest goals.

Getting from level 7 to level 30 is quite easy and straightforward. Taking all the quests offered and finishing them will result in follow quests, which is important. You will always be directed to new questing zones, becuase of the way WoW is set up. Grinding will help you gain more and more XP.You need to remember this important fact – getting XP by doing quests is a much faster way then by simple grinding. Focus mostly on quests untill you get to about level 60, as it is the fastest way to gain experience points. To read the complete guide go to our WoW Leveling Guide Page.

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Dennis Sedov
Editor of WoW Strategy Guide

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Every so often, go on sale games that are key in this industry. Titles that mark the future of the leisure life of a console, or even one generation of them. Sometimes even displayed titles that cross borders and compete with products of superior-PC platforms. Just do not reach the technical level can reach a compatible, but come to offer the same level playable and outweigh their gambling options. Titles at this level are counted and exceptions to the rule, and care products such as clubs that require more than a creative process “normal” driving force is required, a “motor” (pun intended) that has a goal set at the highest levels of demand itself. This engine is called Kazunori Yamauchi. If this is added an unbridled passion, almost sickly, to achieve these goals undoubtedly find a title that set a new standard in the community. Never, I repeat, never-achieved perfect, but its powers will be reflected in every part of the game on every menu in every detail. This week we have witnessed the arrival of another of these as rare as necessary titles: Gran Turismo 5.

If and passion for the motor is assumed to study and Polyphony Digital, responsible for an entire saga is emblematic in the genre as us today, there is still more evident in the details. As an example, the intro that we offer at the fifth iteration of the saga: the automobile from its own genesis. The fusion of minerals and metals to form the essence of the vehicle, the parts that give life and movement to the more than 30,000 pieces that usually form an automobile. Nature has such raw materials as if the planet itself offered to create a vehicle for the man. Whole process to exit the car by the door manufacturer, to the actual asphalt, dirt or snow, finally reaching the culmination of the goal: the speed competition. Has been recreated perhaps deliberately introduced as the gameplay of the series. From birth (creation of the pilot, viewing) through its development (licensing, purchasing the first car) and reaching its splendor (racing at the highest level). Everything has a reason, a when and how in GT5.

It becomes a waste of time to make introductions on what’s supposed to gender and for the PlayStation brand “Gran Turismo”. Everyone knows, but everyone respected, admired and in a sense, envied. However, the series also had so far points craved other securities, it failed to achieve objectives and unite his extensive bibliography on the car. As we did a few years ago, when analyzing Gran Turismo 4 and Forza Motorsport 2, they put us in the dilemma of having to choose a user saga doubtful. The key was to discern what was more attractive: a veritable encyclopedia and homage to the car, or a younger series but with more “melee” in terms of driving experience and competitiveness. We had clear and Forza2 takes the cake because the essence of the car, your goal is to compete against others of their kind, take it to the limit. Harnessing the slipstream, or the rush of braking on corner entry, to move to the opponent so well that we were closing the passage. Forza had it since its first foray into the genre, and his second half will improve. GT4 accused his absence, with enhanced AI. The problem is gone in that direction …

Gran Turismo 5 is presented broadly as the best driving simulator on any console to date. The most realistic, deep, detailed, diverse and mammoth that has been seen, a real titanic work in every sense of the word. In terms of numbers, there is no rival on any platform now more than 1000 cars, among which are over 200 that are modeled to the end, the best vehicles you’ve seen any games of any kind of playback platform . Premium models are that mean the next base and still far-far-away-Gran Turismo 6, including karts show us some excellent animated pilots as we see accelerating or slowing. The other models Standard forms the basis of the game that have adapted to the PS3 graphics engine since the last visit of the series on PS2, and vehicles can be imported from Gran Turismo for PSP. These vehicles have a finish well below the premium, but the good news is that during the races look pretty good, and the differences are much less significant than in reruns or photo mode. In the same vein, we find some circuits coming from previous episodes of the series-Autunm Ring, Deep Forest, Trial Mountain, Fuji Speedway ,…- and do not have the level of perfection polygonal and texture of new circuits sometimes giving a graphic level well below what we see other paths.

Maybe it’s these two factors and additional graphic defective ones that have dented the feeling that GT5 lacks power to appear as thought they should appear on screen. Big mistake in my opinion. Another issue is that Polyphony has decided to include them in the game, both standard cars as the classic circuits, which sometimes shows a very visible imbalance between the theoretical raw power that can move the game and what’s on the screen sometimes. Let us roughly, and then going in detail: up to 16 cars racing on screen (sometimes all Premium); competition schedule changes day-night with spectacular lighting transitions, management of volumetric particle dust / smoke / snow dynamic lighting that impacts and affects the display of the same particles, sun-rain weather changes randomly on various circuits, with graphics routines of rain on the windshield in the internal view, visual defects in vehicles and mechanical damage, 60 fps stable external views and a rate no less than 40 frames in the internal view even in stress tests with lots of cars in urban settings in your poly overloaded, option to enable 3D viewing on TV sets ready for it …

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